Building the future of commerce

We have a vision of building the software needed to unlock the person to person economy. Even if you find yourself inside a corporate setting, eventually the most efficient way to do business like you are your own company even if you work at a company primarily. They might just be your primary client right now.

  • Low fee global transactions
  • No bank account or creditcard required
  • No monthly subscription fee for normal accounts
  • Easy URL and embed code
  • Entrepreneur friendly. Start small.
  • Enterprise grade API for automation


2017/03/19: Users can now edit items. API documentation has been added.
2017/03/15: Users can now create shops
2017/03/10: Users can now sign up


Bitcoin integration: Enables the deposit and withdraw of bitcoin funds on accounts. This will allow users to trade items for money globally.

Explore Market: Provide an intuitive way to find shops and items. At the moment a list will work for digital shops, in the future we'll use a map for location based physical goods/services.

Realtime API: The API will enable programmers to integrate other services and websites with bitlab. This will enable things like realtime updating of locations on a global map. Synchronizing warehouse inventories with the online database.


Signup is free for everyone. As your business grows so should your capabilities.


  • Unlimited Digital Sales
  • 250MB Storage
  • Basic API access
  • No custom domains
  • Limited map markers
  • Limited support
  • * Transactions have a 5% fee
Free Sign Up


  • Unlimited Digital Sales
  • 5GB Storage
  • Basic API access
  • Custom Domains!
  • Custom map marker icons
  • Plus Support
  • * Transactions have a 1% fee
Ƀ 0.01 / mo Sign Up


  • Unlimited Sales & logistics
  • 20GB Storage
  • Pro API support
  • FREE Domain of your choice
  • Custom everything
  • Priority Support
  • Reduced transaction fees only 0.1%
Ƀ 0.05 / mo Sign Up

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